Sunday, August 9, 2009


Pre-Fall is a very exciting time to play with your wardrobe! I have already started incorporating some of my new fall buys into my summer looks and it's really fun to have so many options...Especially with this summer's unpredictable weather, it's easy to look good for anything you might come up against. I decided to go through some of my favorite designer's pre-fall collections to inspire some trans-seasonal looks that will get everyone through august and september. photo credits

Alexander Wang Pre-Fall 2009

There are a few things about these look that I think are great...
1. Cozying up with a comfy gray sweater and shorts, great combo.
2. Sheer/lace bike shorts- I recommend putting them on under.....everything.
3. The mens inspired loafer- easy like a flat, but a quirky edge.

1. Throwing on a classic, black blazer can finish off any outfit.
2. Exposed bra- although possibily risque in the streets of NYC, I love the bra/blazer combo.
3. Sheer bike shorts- yeah, I said put them under everything!!

This look incorporates a few other trends I'm really enjoying lately.
1. Leather jacket- also note, wear with everything!!
2. The cropped trouser- I think it's a fresh proportion and happily frees the ankle from the grips of the ever-so-popular legging...
3. Open toe shoes- even when the weather cools a bit, with the right amount of layers still looks current- (just make sure you get that pedi, girl)

And last from Mr. Wang, the prettiest little blue onesie ever!
Not much more to say- I still think rompers are chic and so easy to wear, I definitely will be wearing them into fall.

Balenciaga Pre-Fall 2009

I love the color story Nicolas Ghesquire has gone with here! The soft, neutral palette is beautiful and can be almost put in with the idea of 'winter whites'.

The color here is also great- and a touch of fur is a funky alternative to a jacket or scarf.

Two trends to play with in this look:
1. Lace! Black and nude are super sexy and can even be dressed down with some denim shorts or a jacket.
2. The ankle boot- still a staple in my wardrobe, and I think the contrast with wearing something a bit skimpy paired with a solid shoe looks great.

Rag & Bone Pre-Fall 2009

1.I love the colors in this look- again the softer hues like salmon and teal and gray are really fresh for fall/winter, don't be safe with your NYC black this fall!
2. The loafers- cute color combo as well.
3. The beanie- chunky skullcaps are a great accessory to give any outfit that fall look, and unfortunately someone stole mine from last season, so I will be on the hunt for a new one soon!

This is another easy look- I love the ankle showing and a tank top with a heavier vest works to stay comfortable on cooler rooftop nights.

This look will work when you definitely start feeling the weather change.
Beanie + Scarf + Jacket = Layered perfection
And if you get too hot.... take it all off, baby!

Chloé Pre-Fall 2009

This look is something I would wear in a New York minute!
1. Nude- best 'color' ever.
2. Leather pants- if you don't own them, buy them, if you own them and haven't been so sure about them, rock them!! Mixing the leather with feminine pieces guarantees you won't look like Tomb Raider's Laura Croft.

1. Why don't you belt that blazer?
2. And wear it with the cropped pant.

Oh look, it's a slice of nude heaven.

And here's the whole cake!!
I am obessed with these 2 last dresses!
So pretty, dreamy, and feminine, and if I could throw on my black leather motorcycle jacket and black ankle boots......

Have fun playing with your new fall buys!!

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