Wednesday, May 6, 2009

OH NO YOU DIDN'T: Appalled/Sad/Horror

I know everyone loves Rodarte for their craftsy knit pieces, and they've been the choice for many celebrities gowns for events and such. The collaboration they did with Christian Louboutin on the runway was crazy. BUT I have to say, I am absolutely appalled by this after-party for the Met's new exhibition "Model as Muse." A huge night for fashion and drama, and Metropolitan Museum celebrated over 50 years of amazing style. The two sisters apparently hosted an after-soiree downtown, and wore this.

That is just ridiculous. You don't show up to your own party looking like you walked out of American Eagle.

Seriously, I'm really disturbed.

And what's with the matching shoes?? They obviously put some thought into the whole thing- like, "oh lets both wear the world's most boring matching black FLATS." Where's the drama? Where's the fashion? How dare they call themselves designers.....


However, some of their guests to the chance to celebrate style and fashion and looked amazing.

Now, THAT'S how you do it. At least the sisters could have gone for more black?? It's classic, dressy, and slimming. Shouldn't they have known better!?!?!

SEEN: Best Friend Syndrome

As I was walking to the train this morning I got stuck behind these two girls, who obviously spend a little too much time together. It was so funny especially when looking at their accessories and color palettes, that one like cooler tones and grays, and the other liked warmer, gold tones. Very funny.

INSPIRED: Flea Market, Melbourne, Australia

On my recent trip to Australia, I visited a very large exciting flea market with all these tiny booths filled with lots of random funny things. I was very inspired by the colors I found- I love all the pretty pastels!

And while walking past a appliance store in midtown.....

And the last of my pictures for this post is from a small vintage store on Grand Ave in Williamsburg which happened to have some of the prettiest dresses I've seen, I was even suckered into buying one....